Here at Animal Hospital of Tampa Inc, we pride ourselves on providing insightful and knowledgeable veterinary advice. Please look at our frequently asked questions to see if the information is helpful to you and your pet.

Q: "At what age should I bring my puppy in for shots?"
A: A puppy should be brought in as soon as you adopt him. Usually, this is at 6 weeks of age. Your puppy needs to be vaccinated for Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Coronavirus, and Paranfluenza. These vaccinations are given 4 weeks apart starting at 6 weeks then 10 weeks and final shot at 14 weeks of age. Once the initial boosters are given, the vaccination is given once a year. At 12 weeks or older the pet can be vaccinated for Rabies.

Vet Room, Animal Hospital of Tampa in Tampa, FLQ: "What causes heartworms?"
A: Heartworm is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. When a mosquito bites a dog infected with heartworms, the mosquito is then infected. If and when your dog or cat is bitten, the disease is transferred. A simple blood test and Heartworm preventive medication given monthly can prevent this fatal disease.

Cat, Animal Hospital of Tampa in Tampa, FLQ: "I cannot seem to get rid of the odor from my dog even after a bath, she still smells. What could be causing this?"
A: Sometimes a skin allergy can be the cause of an odor. Once diagnosed, there are prescription shampoos and other medications that can help with this problem.

Q: "I was told I should neuter my male dog, will it calm him down?"
A: That all depends on what you mean by "calm." A male dog develops many bad habits when they are not neutered such as urinating in inappropriate places, roaming, aggressive behavior, and more. However, having your dog neutered eliminates many or all of these problems. They are much less likely to roam because they do not have the hormonal urges to seek out a female in heat. (Which, by the way, they can sense up to within a 2-mile radius.)

Cat, Animal Hospital of Tampa in Tampa, FLThey do not calm down in a physical sense; neutering makes it much easier on the pet and owner for successful training. The dog is more focused on the trainer instead of focused on a female in heat donw the block! Aggressive behavior can occur anytime, but usually progresses as the dog matures. Aggression can be especially hazardous to a home or neighborhood with children. Neutered dogs are not at all less likely to protect your family and home!

Most dogs instinctively protect their territory and "pack" from danger. Health is another positive reason to spay or neuter. This greatly reduces the chances of certain cancers and/or tumors such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Females benefit from being spayed for avoidable health concerns such as breast cancer, uterine cancer (usually fatal) and much more. You cannot do anything but benefit you, your dog, and the outrageously increasing over population of unwanted homeless animals!  

Q: "Why is it required for my pet be bathed the day he gets picked up from boarding in the kennel?"
A:  The reason we bathe your pet the day he or she is picked up after being kenneled is for the assurance that he or she has not picked up any fleas or ticks while in our kennel. All pets that enter our kennel are checked for fleas and ticks upon entry.

If any are found, the pet will be treated immediately. Though we strive to keep our hospital sterile, flea and tick free, and as clean as possible at all times, there are no 100% guarantees that one may pick one or two fleas up while being walked outside by an attendant. Obviously, this is a reality, especially in Florida, that cannot always be avoided, even as hard as we try. Therefore, we choose not to subject you or your pet to any parasites brought into your home.

In addition, it is sometimes unavoidable when a pet may soil their living area while boarding with us. Any time a pet soils his or her area, the pet is cleaned up immediately, and the area is cleaned and re-sanitized. We take pride in the fact that we do our very best to send pets home clean and parasite free.

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